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Obviously not, as these workers in Mumbai sit precariously on their bamboo scaffolding, a wrong footstep away from certain death.

It’s a dodgy practice – although less cowboy and more Indian – but life in the subcontinental metropolis is hard and if there’s a rupee to be made, there’ll be someone willing to put their existence in danger to claim it.

Bamboo scaffolding is popular throughout India, and is regualrly spotted surrounding entire monuments and buildings.

Even though it looks like possibly the most dangerous structure in the world, it’s advocates say it’s extremely strong, straight, lightweight and, most importantly, cheap.

However, that didn’t stop six workers plunging to their deaths last September in north Mumbai.

Civic officials who inspected the site afterwards accidentsaid the bamboo was of poor quality and buckled under the weight of 14 workers, all of them labourers from the south of the country.

“The workers were not given helmets or harnesses,” a senior local authority official, Sudhir Raut, was todl the Mumbai Mirror.

“Bamboo used in poles was of inferior quality and ropes too were not strong enough to withstand the weight of so many people.”

Days later, another four perished when a bamboo scaffolding surrounding a 27-storey building, also in Mumbai.

Let’s hope our friends in the video survive to reach old age.

Is this the most dangerous job you’ve ever seen? Let us know below…

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