Victoria Beckham has apparently picked the Christmassy name “Santa” for her unborn baby girl.

The former Spice girl got the inspiration for the name from the LA suburb Santa Monica, rather than the fat and jolly Santa Claus.

Victoria’s husband David is not so keen on the name.

A source told The Sun: “Posh thinks Santa Beckham has a lovely ring to it and wants something unique.

“David prefers something traditional, but will probably go along with what she chooses.”

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The Beckham’s eight-year-old son Romeo has other ideas for the name of his baby sister.

David told chat show host Jimmy Kimmel: “When we got told it was a boy, my middle son Romeo said, “How about Justin Bieber as a name? Justin Bieber Beckham?”

“So now we know it’s a girl, he said, “Well, how about Justine Bieber Beckham?”’

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