The May Day bank holiday could be moved to April or October in an effort to increase tourism, the Government proposes today.

St George’s Day on April 23 or the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar on Oct 21 could replace May Day in an effort to to extend the tourism season and to encourage more Brits to take “staycations”.

John Penrose, the tourism minister said he wanted to see more Britons go on breaks in their own country: “As a nation, we are a little bit prone to underplay what we have on our doorstep,” he said.

Tourism and business are keen to have the May Day holiday dropped for a day off later in the year.

It isn’t a bad idea considering there is currently no bank holiday between August and Christmas – but it’s really going to mess with Morris dancers May Day celebrations!

However, plans to introduce “double summertime” by bringing UK clocks forward, to fall in line with Europe’s were not included in the tourism strategy.

Penrose admitted the proposal had been “in then out, then in and then out” of the final document.

Many believe the Coalition abandoned the plan due to fierce opposition from Scotland.

Well you can’t blame the poor buggers – who wants to get up at 3am to milk cows?