The SA National Civic Organisation supports the decision by the ANC to remove President Thabo Mbeki from office, Sanco president Dumisane Mthalane said on Sunday.

“We as Sanco want to know how much money was used by the state in pursuit of Jacob Zuma through its organs like the National Prosecuting Authority and National Intelligence Agency,” said Mthalane.

He said Sanco believed the money would have been better used on service delivery and in the fight against poverty — which was a daily reality for millions of South Africans, rather than the money being used for “political wars”.

Mthalane said it was interesting to see that the Democratic Alliance was still pursuing the prosecution of Zuma despite their stance against the wastage of taxpayers’ money.

He indicated that the DA’s call was nothing more than an election ploy.

Regarding the reports that cabinet ministers wanted to follow Mbeki when he leaves, Mthalane said he wanted to remind cabinet ministers that they did not join the ANC as a “bloc” but as individuals who were committed to the movement and the freedom of the country to the extent that they were prepared to die for this cause.

“We want to remind them that they did not join the cause for personal agendas, but to realise the dreams of our forefathers like Chief Albert Luthuili and Nelson Mandela,” said Mthalane.

Sanco believed that the removal of Mbeki was not a crisis for South Africa, he said.