49-year-old Tina Drouin, of Quincy, Mass. took exception to the amount of pickles being placed on a steak and cheese sandwich she had ordered at a Famous Nathan’s Hot Dogs place in the town’s train station. 

It is being alleged that Drouin turned violent and punched the store employee, who she later told police had been giving her “too much shit” according to the Associated Press.

The incident occurred around 2pm yesterday, when Drouin began screaming at the Nathan’s employee tasked with making her sub, saying she was putting on “too many pickles”

Drouin continued to complain throughout the sandwich making process, reportedly harping on and on about the unbearably high levels of pickle in her prospective lunch.

She also seemed to find fault with just about every other part of the meal’s preparation too, according to CNN, allegedly making other ‘derogatory comments’ about the way the Nathan’s employee was going about her business.

Gee, tough crowd.

When it came time to pay, Drouin took a bite before demanding that she be given a refund. Naturally the employee refused and that is when things turned a little sour… and briney.

Drouin allegedly punched the female employee in the face and shoved “two large very heavy jars” of pickles at her. The jars missed and subsequently shattered on the floor.

Perhaps realising that her antics had really steak and cheesed (oh yes) a few of the employees off, Drouin is then alleged to have tried to escape the scene, but was run down by the very Nathan’s employee she had attacked and was detained until the police arrived.

When questioned as to why she had acted the way she did, Drouin returned to the metaphorically well trodden path of her earlier complaint, telling officers that there had simply been “too many pickles” on her sandwich.

Yes, Tina, we heard you the first time.

Next time somebody goes overboard on the pickles, why not just try taking them off yourself?

Some people are just SUB-normal… Get it?