A new Mel Gibson tape, in which Gibson apparently demands oral sex from his ex-girlfriend and threatens to burn the house down, has emerged.

In the taped rant, released by the celebrity gossip website RadarOnline, Gibson appears to be kicking off because Oksana Grigorieva fell asleep before having sex with him.

Did Mel Gibson threaten girlfriend with bat?

“I deserve to be ***** first! Before the ******* Jacuzzi,” says Gibson.

“I’ll burn the goddamn house up, but **** me first! How dare you?”

Mel Gibson recorded in racist rant

“I should’ve woken you up and said ******* **** me, *****! You would’ve liked that better, yeah?”

A few days ago, another tape was released in which threatens Grigorieva, saying she needs a “bat in the side of the head” and saying that he’ll “put her in a rose garden.”