Once upon a time, a man returned home to Melbourne after travelling far, far away to find his bedroom had been transformed into a fairyland castle.

Tom Overend’s friends had kept themselves busy while he was away for two months by giving the bachelor’s bedroom a makeover with a wave of their magic wand, a lot of pink paint and fairy lights. Set and costume designer, Marc McIntyre, was behind the stunt pulled on his 26-year-old flatmate, and he used a Facebook event to commandeer fellow creative pranksters.

“We decided the enchanted fairy castle theme would be nice and emasculating for Tom,” McIntyre told The Daily Telegraph, while Overend commented: “People have said that my roommates have too much time. I think, if anything, that this is evidence that they’re clearly trying to fill it in.”

It took the team nine hours to carry out the transformation, and the bedroom has remained largely the same since.