You could call it the Plunder from Down Under.

A judge has ruled the famous Men at Work song Down Under ripped off portions of the kid’s classic Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree.

And now the band may be liable for huge costs to the owners of the Kookaburra ditty’s copyright.

Kookaburra was originally written in 1934 by school teacher Marion Sinclair. When Ms Sinclair died in 1990 Larrikin Music won a tender for the copyright for  the song.

The similarities between the flute solo in the Men at Work version and the Kookaburra hook were first uncovered on TV show Spicks and Specks in 2007. Larrikin Music then took the band to court and won.

Down Under was the unofficial anthem of the Australian team that won the Americas Cup in 1983, was played at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics and is a jukebox favourite in drinking establishments across the nation.

There’s been no word whether it will still be played in pubs but some experts are saying Men at Work might have to fork over as much as 60 per cent of their royalties from the song.

That’s enough to make anybody chunder.

Compare the versions for yourself here