The two men Jeff Buckland; Batman, and Troy Marcum; Captain America, were nearby at a Heroes 4 Higher event (a business that Buckland formed to motivate and inspire both children and adults) at the local American Legion Post when both men spotted the house on fire and immediately went to help.

Former firefighter Buckland sprung in to action and asked his super companion Marcum to find a rock large enough to break the window, according to the account on WSAZ News Channel, Buckland goes on to say that he felt something furry and that he “[didn’t] care what it [was]…[it was] coming out”.

“So I grab it, out the door with it, put it in the yard… And I’ll be if it wasn’t a cat [sic].”

Buckland managed to resuscitate the cat, as it had inhaled a lot of smoke, and thanked the masked stranger by “hissing… look like it wanted to kill me [sic]”.

Firefighters’ investigation stated that the fire was caused by electrical problems, and that nobody else was at home at that time.

Image via YouTube