Male drivers are so distracted by women in skimpy clothes during the summer that they become significantly more accident-prone, according to a new UK study.

The research, commissioned by Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance, found a whopping 29 per cent of male drivers admitted they could not keep
their eyes on the road when they spotted women in
revealing summer clothes. It’s high, but is it truly surprising?

temperatures also copped the blame for increased road rage, with one in
five male motorists (21 per cent) admitting they became more aggressive driving during the hotter months. When it came to bingles, 25 per cent of male
drivers had had at least one summer-time crash or near-miss in the last
five years, compared with just 17 per cent of women.

psychologist Donna Dawson was far from surprised. “Research shows men are
far more easily distracted behind the wheel than women,” she told the Daily Express.

such as billboards or an attractive woman walking down the street can
quickly take their attention away from driving. Testosterone also plays a
part as it makes men more prone to aggression, especially when
frustrated by a confined space such as a car – and men are quicker than
women to expose such irritability in hot weather.”