A video for Michael’s Jackson’s Behind The Mask has been released and is a collection of fan-made clips spliced together to create the “crowd-sourced” footage, launched yesterday on Youtube and Facebook.

The crowd-sourced video was Sony’s attempt to get around the problem of creating a posthumous video for Michael Jackson’s Behind The Mask, the latest single to be released from his album Michael.

Michael Jackson, Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask features Jackson fans from all over the world paying tribute the star; some sing, some dance, many are dressed in MJ-esque attire, some pose, literally, behind a mask.

The Behind the Mask video project was launched earlier this year when Jackson fans were invited to send in footage of themselves performing to the song.

This crowd-sourced footage was put together by Dennis Liu who previously worked on a Grammy-nominated crowd-sourced video for Johnny Cash’s Ain’t No Grave.

The video for Michael Jackson's Behind Teh Mask

“[It’s] the most exciting and most fun project I think I’ve ever been involved in,” the director said.

MJ fans had been shown a template video that was posted in March and were asked to shoot video footage of themselves executing a Jackson-like dance step, choreography routine, facial expression or other moves.

1,600 shots submitted from 103 countries were then compiled into a 4½-minute video.

Michael Jackson' scrowd-sourced video

Most comments on Youtube have been complimentary about the fan-made Behind The mask video.

“My video is There!! I can’t believe this!! I crying so much now, i can’t believe this!! this video is perfect i really love it, that shows that Michael have still millions fans in the whole world!! OMG I can’t stop Cry :*),” wrote MichaelJacksonFan65

“WOW!! thank you all…you’re just another part of me!!! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL.” said Nichel65.