The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister endured the entire gruelling 56-mile Vasaloppet endurance race across the snow covered countryside of Western Sweden – and said that she’d ‘never really skied cross-country before’.

The man who chanced his luck with a kiss, race steward Erik Smedhs told The Daily Telegraph “I didn’t really plan it, it was just a spontaneous thing. It’s traditional to kiss the winner of the race, but I thought it would be funny to kiss Pippa when she finished. She just said ‘thank you’ and smiled.”

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15,800 took place in the tough competition. Along the way the skiers, including Miss Middleton, were offered an energising local soup called Blabarsoppa, made from blueberries.

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Pippa took part in the race with her brother James to raise money for inner city kids food charity Magic Breakfast.

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Pippa’s time of seven hours, 13 minutes and 36 seconds was noted by race spokesman Per Strid who said “I must congratulate Pippa – she had a fantastic performance. What she achieved was really impressive for a first timer. She was obviously very fit and in very good shape.”

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