Michael Jackson’s estate has settled with the Heal The World Foundation after a secret meeting was held on Monday, it has been reported.

The meeting is said to have involved Perry Sanders, Katherine Jackson’s new lawyer, along with Michael Jackson Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman.

The estate had sued the Heal The World foundation accusing them of using Michael Jackson’s name and image to make money for the charity, without having been given the legal rights.

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Michael Jackson founded an organisation called Heal the World in 1992, however, the charity later came into financial trouble and lost its tax exempt status.

A different organisation with the same name later had the tax exempt renewed, and is alleged to have used Michael Jackson’s name to promote their work.

The lawsuit against the Heal The World Foundation started in 2009, when Michael Jackson’s estate accused the organisation for misusing trademarks to create an association with Michael Jackson.

The charity is said to have agreed to no longer associate itself with Michael Jackson or use the Heal the World name.

Michael Jackson’s song Heal the World reached No.2 in the UK singles Chart in the UK in December 1992 and featured on Jackson’s hit album, Dangerous.