It's been revealed that troubled King of Pop Michael Jackson slept with a doll on his bed.

Jurors at the trial of doctor Conrad Murray, the man accused of killing the superstar, were shown a photo of the gloved one's deathbed with the blonde-haired doll lying on


A snap of showing the star's chest of drawers covered in

pictures of babies was also shown at the trial.

Jacko's own children did not appear to be among th ecollection of photos. Leaning against the

drawers was a larger poster with the words "Sweet baby".


Coroner's investigator Elissa Fleak and cop Scott Smith took the photos as

they searched Jacko's home for evidence after his shock death on June 25,


Jurors also saw pictures of the bedroom littered with bottles of prescription

drugs, tubes of cream and medical equipment including a stand for an

intravenous drip.

Murray is accused of killing Jacko, 50, by giving him a lethal overdose of

propofol, a surgical anaesthetic.

Also in the trial,the coroner's toxicologist testified to detecting significant

amounts of the drugs propofol, lidocaine and lorazepam in Jackson's body.

Dr Dan Anderson, who performed drug tests on the pop star during a post

mortem, said he took eight specimens, including samples from the heart,

liver, stomach and urine – all of which showed significant amounts of

sedatives and the powerful anesthetic propofol.

Murray, who was with  Jackson when he died, said he administered the

drugs through an intravenous infusion to help Jackson sleep.

However, the doctor's defence attorneys claim it was Jackson himself who took

an extra, fatal dose of the drug once Murray was out of the room.

Dr Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter but could face

four years in prison if convicted.