Michael Jackson’s children watched their father die as the singer’s doctor struggled to revive him. Dr Conrad Murray – Jackson’s personal physician – then failed to call an ambulance until Jackson was already dead, a Los Angeles court heard yesterday.

One of Michael Jackson’s bodyguards, Faheem Muhammad, described the traumatic scene as the iconic singer died in front of his eldest children, Prince and Paris. Paris, Jackson’s daughter, apparently lay on the floor in tears until being taken from the room.

Meanwhile, Murray allegedly panicked, realising that Jackson had gone into cardiac arrest and asked wildly if anyone else in the room knew CPR.

During the preliminary hearing, prosecutor David Walgren says he will prove that Dr Murray waited for 21 minutes – by which time Jackson was already dead – before calling for an ambulance to take the singer to hospital.

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Walgren also claims that Murray tried to cover up the fact that he had administered powerful anaesthetic propofol to Jackson, asking a bodyguard to remove evidence before the paramedics arrived.

“The evidence will show through the expert testimony, by all accounts, Michael Jackson was dead in the bedroom at 100 North Carrolwood prior to the paramedics arriving,” Walgren said.

He continued: “There are a number of actions displayed by Dr Murray that show an extreme deviation from the standard of care.”

Murray has admitted injecting Jackson with propofol to help him sleep on the night he died, but had said that it was not enough to cause harm.

The court hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court is to determine if the case against Murray should proceed to a full trial where the doctor will be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Jackson’s mother Katherine, sister LaToya and brothers Jackie and Jermaine attended the proceedings yesterday.

A number of Jacko fans, carrying signs demanding justice, gathered outside the courtroom.