What’s Unbalanced about?

It’s about being bilingual, bisexual, biracial and basically by myself.

What is the strangest show your have ever done?

A gig in Hazelmere at a state fair, where everyone was sat on bales of hay, mainly children. There’s nothing like talking about muff-diving to a tent full of 12-year-olds.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen this week?

I was out in Essex when a bouncer stopped me and said he knew me from somewhere. After a long back and forth, I suggested it might be from TV as I’d just done Chris Moyles’ Comedy Empire.

He cut me back down to size by saying, ‘No, did you work in Sega World at the Trocadero in the Nineties?’ Haven’t lived it down since.

Best thing about being a stand- up? Oh, the private jets and working with really hot, mentally stable men every night.

ROFL & LOL, The Finsbury. Aug 1. Free. 8pm  N4 1BY 
Tube | Manor House


Unbalanced, Belushi’s. Aug 4-25. Free. 4.50pm  EH1 1DE 
Station | Edinburgh


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