The widely awaited new edition of video game ‘Halo Reach’ has been leaked online on file sharing Torrent sites. The pirated copies of Halo Reach, the latest of the X Box series ‘Shoot-em-ups’ are now available on file sharing sites ahead of its launch on September 14. Microsoft is said to be investigating and are said to be ready to ban those playing the pirated pre-release game. The leak occurred after the game was released to select reviewers and journalists via the online Xbox store.

Microsoft’s Stephen Toulouse, warned on Twitter that people attempting to play unauthorised copies of Halo Reach could face sanctions.”As with all unauthorised play on Xbox Live, anyone playing any unauthorised title runs the risk of account permaban”. In 2009, thousands of gamers were banned from the online gaming service Xbox Live for modifying their consoles to play pirated games.

Halo Reach’s launch has been preceded by a promotional campaign introducing the Monument of Light, a virtual set to honour the heroes of the battle of Reach accessible at the site The game series has so far sold about 34 million copies all over the world.