A petrol bomber who ran into a lamppost while committing a hilariously amateur crime has become an internet laughing stock.

Amir Ali and his friend were trying to set fire to a pub by throwing first a brick through its window, and then a petrol bomb.

However things didn’t go according to plan and the bomb bounced off the wall and hit Ali in the face.

Ali then ran off, unfortunately into a lamppost.

Forgetting that he has just tried to set fire to a building, Ali took himself straight into the nearest medical centre and was soon picked up by the police.

Despite the incident being caught on camera, Ali has denied trying to burn down the Imperial Arms pub in Crawley, West Sussex.

 Ali was convicted of attempted arson at Brighton crown court in August and was sentenced this week.

The judge called the crime “amateurish and comical” but said it should still be taken seriously.

“Had you succeeded and the pub had caught fire, damage to it and the neighbouring buildings would have been massive and the risk to life obvious,” he said.