Money News: Celebrities and hot tubs

❚ George Clooney had his own chill-out complex built, with a private garden, hut and hot tub for the tidy sum of £63,815. Rumours are the hot tub has been the scene of some raunchy parties.

❚ The recent steamy and booze-fuelled X Factor boot camp hot-tub party happened at Selsdon Park hotel in Croydon, where rooms are £42 a night.

❚ Coleen and Wayne Rooney  spent £2000 a night on a suite at the seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai for a room with a hot tub, where they could enjoy champagne and caviar while Coleen sported a £300 bikini.

❚ It cost MTV £6380 a week to rent the infamous house where the cast of Jersey Shore enjoyed their regular hot-tub frolics.

Save Money: Best Deals in London

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How You Spend It!

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Annalise Walliker, 27
Job PR manager
From Melbourne
Lives Notting Hill

How do you budget?
I have a few bank accounts that I transfer money to – one for rent and bills, one for long-term and one for short-term savings and my current account for day-to-day spending.
Any money-saving tips?
Invite friends over for dinner rather than eating out so much. It’s more effort, but better for your bank balance!

Last big blow-out?
The airfare to New York – I’m going with one of my best friends from home for Thanksgiving. With the US dollar how it is, I can buy my family’s Christmas presents there to save money, too.

What non-essential items do you spend money on?
I play in Tribo, a local Brazilian samba/ reggae percussion band. I have weekly workshop classes all year round so I play my best at Notting Hill Carnival.