Money News: Image Transformations

❚ Kerry Katona went from chubby mum to svelte chick in 2008, spending £15,000 to regain her pre-pregnancy figure. But four days after going public, her belly popped out of her tracksuit again.

 ❚ Madonna busted out, age 50, with sculpted (and sinewy) arms, thanks to Tracy Anderson’s New York gym, which reportedly costs $4,500 (£2,880) just to join.

 ❚ Victoria Beckham’s iconic “Pob” haircut, which she got in 2007, is rumoured to have cost £255 from Chelsea salon Lockonego. Let’s hope a blowdry was included.

❚ Cheryl Cole went from chav to Glamour Magazine’s Best Dressed Woman of the Year in 2009. She did it with the help of stylist Victoria Adcock, whose expertise costs about £22,500 a year.

Save Money: Best Deals in London

Maximise your fun money with this handy advice…

If you’re an O2 customer, you can blag yourself a free ticket to see a movie at any Odeon cinema between Monday and Thursday. This is the last week of the offer, so get in while you can through the O2 website (

New website has been set up with the aim to get people who live for travelling into luxury hotels for less. The site boasts some amazing deals, like a five-star hotel in Zurich for £109 per night (originally £304) and a four-night Austrian Alpine package for £539pp (instead of £1051).

Insurance premiums are going up, so it’s just as well that Nationwide is now offering free annual European travel insurance with their FlexAccount. So join up and you’ll have more money for sightseeing and beer.

How You Spend It!

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Lauren Taylor, 25
Job Editor of News4Media
From NSW, Australia
Lives Clapham North

How do you budget?
I wait until I can’t withdraw any money from my account and hope for the best (or get good friends to help me out).

Any money-saving tips?
Rummage through the Tesco car park bins for out-of-date food or hold regular fake hen nights – this pretty much guarantees free drinks all night. Hold house parties, drink guests’ alcohol and sell any jumpers or mobile phones left behind on eBay.

Last big blow-out?
A boyfriend pillow for £79 ( My boyfriend of two months lives in Ireland and London can get cold and lonely at times.

What non-essential items do you spend money on?
I enjoy buying ridiculous items of clothing such as fur coats and gold-leather pants which I would never have the guts to wear in Australia.