Tourism Research Australia recently released survey results showing the number of trips by Australians to Europe hotspots including France and Italy have grown significantly in the past few years. Visits to France have increased from 65,000 in 2010 to 108,000 in 2014 and travel to Italy has also risen from 87,000 to 129,000 over the same period.1

Growth in travel to Europe at such a significant level means Aussie travellers now face more competition than ever before when hunting down the best travel deals and face paying steep prices if they don’t get in early and instead leave booking their trip too late.

“Europe is a travel destination on almost everyone’s must visit list, so the number of Australians heading over to this travel favourite are only expected to continue growing into the future,” said Andrea Robinson, STA Travel’s Product Trading & Marketing Director. “And with more demand than ever before amongst Australians for travel to Europe we are warning that if you snooze, you lose and miss out on the best early bird travel deals.

“Our clear message to travellers in 2015 is that there’s no better time than now to get in early and book your 2016 Europe flights, accommodation and tours,” she added.

For travellers who have a 2016 Europe adventure in mind, but don’t yet have the cash, they can take advantage of STA Travel’s lay-by program, which allows customers to lock in holidays at bargain booking prices and pay it off over time. Travellers can Lay-By flights with a $99 deposit, which is the cheapest travel Lay-By available in Australia, then pay the remainder up to ten weeks before their trip. This means they can avoid inflated last-minute flight prices, costly interest rates.

To lock in your 2016 Europe travel, visit or call 134 782.