The Australian Prime Minister gave himself a good-sized nick on the cheek this morning after a shaving mishap.

A dull blade wasn’t to blame though, he said in a tweet accompanied by a picture of his battered but beaming face. Just hurrying off to run Australia—sometimes it gets impatient.  

He shared his grooming advice with over 1.2 million followers on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, writing, “Note to self: when rushing out the door in the morning, make sure you take care with the razor. It is sharp.”    

The Tweet was largely met with laughter and jeers across social media, as many have come to embrace the bespectacled leader’s affable personality. recently placed Mr Rudd on its list of Australia’s top 15 Twitter feeds. One faithful follower, @GracieKaja, tweeted at him, “you’re the only politician I follow because you’re hilarious.”  

His response: “Without a sense of humour, you would die in this business. KRudd.”

Later in the morning, Mr Rudd got back to business at a press conference in Darwin, where he addressed the Northern Territory government about the federal better schools plan he’s had trouble implementing in the area.

The shaving cut that graced Twitter in the morning, once covered by the bloodied tissue that men are all too familiar with, seems to have disappeared when the Prime Minister got a bit sterner than many of his light-hearted tweets. 

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