The new Youtube video shows another bile-spitting woman screaming racist abuse at passengers, this time on a London to Manchester train.

Appearing to be drunk, the barely articulate woman shouts: “You’re in my country now, talk my language. Don’t ****ing talk your ****, talk my language. You ****, ****.”

When another passenger tells her to “shut your mouth”, she responds with yet more swearing.

The Middle Eastern people at whom she is directing her rant do not say anything in the video.

MyTNT Blog: Name and shame the ignorant racists

According to the British Transport Police the video, which was uploaded to Youtube on Monday, dates back two years. A spokesperson said:

“We would urge anyone who is the victim of such behaviour, or who witnesses it, to call police.

”It is important that incidents are reported either as they take place or, if that isn’t possible, as soon as possible afterwards as this allows us to respond and investigate quickly.”


Yet another video, again showing a ranty racist woman, has also been uploaded to Youtube following the My Tram Experience frenzy.

In this one, set on a London tube, a woman tells a Russian man:

“We have welcomed you into our country. Learn the lingo and then think about coming back you ******* r*****.

“BNP, that’s me. I don’t care, **** off.”

The victims appear to laugh off the attack, saying ironically: “Welcome to London.”

OptimesssPrime, who uploaded the clip, wrote: “I am posting this video to show how this woman racially abused my friend on the London Underground during a busy period.

“I should also point out, that my friend only realised this was worth filming after about 10 minutes of her rant, the reason as to why she became agitated is because my friend was having a quiet conversation with his friend in Russian and she was sitting in front of them.”


These videos are undoubtedly just the tip of an iceberg. How do you think people like this should be dealt with? Should they be prosecuted or is everyone – however vile – allowed to have their say?