Getting There


Morocco’s main airport is Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca. You can get a connecting flight to Marrakesh from Casablanca.


You can get a ferry to various points on the Moroccan coastline from France, Gibraltar and Spain, but by far the most popular and frequent route is from Algeciras in Spain to Tangier in Morocco.


Getting Around


Bus travel is the cheapest and often the easiest way to travel around Morocco. The national carrier is called Compagnie de Transports Marocains, although there are other regional companies.


Trains are a very good option for getting around in Morocco and are generally quite comfortable. There are plans to extend the lines, which at the moment run between Tangier and Marrakesh; and Oujda also to Marrakesh.


You need your license from home and your passport to hire a car, although it doesn’t hurt to have an International Driver’s Permit also. It’s relatively expensive to hire a car in Morocco and always best to use an international firm to avoid getting ripped off by less trustworthy small firms.