Motorhead’s legendary guitarist Wurzel died last night while “pouring a Guinness and cracking a joke.”

The 61-year-old rocker from Cheltenham, Gloucester, suffered a fatal heart attack.

Wurzel, whose real name was Michael Burston, joined Motorhead in 1984 and went on to play on nine studio and live albums until 1995.

A statement on he band’s website said: “We are greatly saddened to confirm that our long-time friend and comrade Wurzel died Saturday at his home.

“Wurz was pouring a Guinness and cracking a joke when he succumbed to a heart attack; at least we know he went with a smile.

Motorhead’s lead singer, Lemmy, added: “Wurzel was my friend and my brother and he’s never going to laugh with me again or bitch me out or do…anything. And that truly and cosmically sucks. RIP Wurz, Godspeed. Good Man.”

Burston earned his nickname when he served in the army because of his West Country accent and likeness to TV’s Worzel Gummidge, the scarecrow.

Motorhead dedicated its performance at Sonisphere Festival last Sunday to Wurzel.