Fantastic Removals have launched Move on Movers – a service which enables clients to remotely direct the removal of their belongings from an ex-partner’s property quickly and easily, without having to re-visit their former home.

Using specially-trained teams equipped with smartphones and tablet computers, removal workers can receive live instructions from customers anywhere in the world, using Apple FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts.

The inspiration for Move on Movers came when a previous client of Fantastic Removals called late one night asking for help. He had gone out for New Year’s Eve drinks after work, but after returning to the flat he shared with his girlfriend, he found he was locked out – and she was threatening to throw his belongings into the road.

Despite the late hour, Fantastic Removals arranged a team to meet him to collect his belongings at 2am, and the team solved the problem of locating some of the client’s valuables in the flat by using FaceTime to get directions from him as he stood in the street below, finally completing the move at 3am.

Managing Director of Fantastic Removals, Rune Sovndahl, says ”January is widely acknowledged to be the break-up season. Early in 2013, our call centres were inundated with requests from people who had ended their relationships and wanted to move out fast; many of them mentioned not wanting to have to face their former partner for fear of triggering another round of painful conversations. Having our team pack for them to speed things up was normal but I felt there was potential to do more to help.”

Image credit: Thinkstock