Mozambique in a week

Forget about short stay visits to Mozambique. Once you have made the effort to get there, nothing less than a week will do. And make sure you head for the beach straight away. It is after all the clean long beaches that draw most visitors to Mozambique. Spend a day or two in the capital Maputo to enjoy the city sites and attractions before you head east or north-east for the beach of your choice.

If it’s surfing, fishing and diving you crave and you only have a few days, your solution is Ponta d’Ouro because it is close to Maputo. Spend a few days there, enjoy what you set out to do and head back to Maputo for you return flight or journey.

But if you have an extra few days and you need long lazy sunsets to find your sanity, take a bus or drive the almost 500 kilometres north from Maputo to the historic town of Inhambane. Visitors cannot stop raving about its rustic beauty featuring a mix of African, old-world Portugese and muslim cultures as well as colonial architecture. It is close to two popular beach resorts: Tofo and Barra where one can stay for weeks on end and offers budget, mid-range and splurge accommodation and dining.

Longer stay Mozambique

One can continue beach travelling for weeks in Mozambique if you travel up the coast and include the island groups Archipelago de Bazaruto, Ilha de Mocambique and Archipelago das Quirimbas, but Mozambique also offers inland delights. Find a paradise of birds and animals in the national reserve Parque Nacional de Gorongosa in central Mosambique or the newly established reserve to the southwest of the country, Parque Nacional do Limpopo.

In the north the remote lake Niassa is situated in the Reserva do Niassa. It has crystal clear water and offers unsurpassed birding opportunities.