Recently, the United Kingdom legalized medicinal CBD products throughout the nation, a revolutionary move for policy-makers who were once starkly against cannabis products in any form. Now, the UK allows products like CBD capsules for sale when used for medicinal purposes. 

Medical cannabis was first-made illegal in 1971 when it was widely believed that all hemp-related products were a gateway drug to more dangerous substances. At that point, the UK became a great exporter of cannabis products, but they did not allow their citizens to partake. What made UK legislatures suddenly change their minds? 

Research on Marijuana Opens the Gate 

There has been minimal research on cannabis and its medicinal purposes. This is largely due to the misinformation that was widely circulated several decades ago. Because it was believed that CBD did more harm than good, few researchers have examined the effectiveness of it.

Recently, research and legislation in other countries have been opening more doors for marijuana as a medical component. More and more regions around the world allow marijuana to be prescribed in medical settings, which hasn’t been missed in the UK. 

Current research for marijuana products show that it’s not a highly addictive substance and the side effects are minimal. Because it’s becoming more socially acceptable, more research groups and politicians are now examining CBD at a closer level. It’s become apparent that CBD and marijuana are not the same thing, and CBD offers a variety of highly-potent benefits for both physical and mental health. 

As it turns out, although CBD products are derived from the hemp plant, they’re on completely different ends of the spectrum. Marijuana is high in the chemical component THC, which is responsible for altering the mood and creating a feeling of “high.” Pure CBD, on the other hand, may have no or trace amounts of THC and cannot make you high. 

It’s this discovery that has initiated change. Countries like the United States, Canada, and now the UK have all recognized CBD’s potential and are encouraging its social acceptance in some forms.  

Epilepsy Discovered Turned the Tables 

Once CBD research began, scientists soon made an exciting discovery: CBD is a highly efficacious treatment for epilepsy. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the first-ever CBD-based prescription drug called Epidolex. 

Epidolex has shown excellent results in clinical studies for reducing the severity and frequency of seizures in patients of all ages. Their findings indicated an average of 36 percent reduction in seizures. Given the limited side effects of CBD (some patients experience none), this is one of the most exciting drugs in the epilepsy treatment sector. 

There had been great controversy in the UK after Epidolex became legal in the United States. Despite the research showing profound benefits of using the CBD-based drug, the UK still banned its use, even for prescription-holders. 

After careful review of the drug and its study findings, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) reported that Epidolex is safe to use, and it soon became legal for use in Britain. 

New UK Legislation Applies to Prescription-Use CBD Only 

CBD is available in many different forms and can be purchased online and delivered around the world. However, UK legislation still prohibits the purchase of CBD products. The ACMD and legislatures have only okayed cannabis-derived products for medicinal use. 

The Department of Health and Social Care alongside the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency will shortly be delivering a clear definition of what these legal products will look like. Once published, anything that doesn’t meet the written criteria will be deemed illegal and subject to legal repercussions. 

This means that Epidolex and Sativex, another epilepsy-friendly drug, will be prescribed throughout the UK. Other oils and medicines commonly used in North America and throughout Europe will be made viable as well. 

Countless studies and consumer reports indicate that CBD may have a variety of medically-sound purposes in situations in which a prescription may not be necessary as well. In the United States, CBD with levels of THC below 0.03 percent is sold legally online. Many people purchase it for the intention of using it the way they would use other over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol or ibuprofen. If the guidelines are in agreeance, it’s likely that there will be similar results in the UK. 

The most common uses of legal CBD throughout the world include: 

  •  Pain relief
  •  Decreased inflammation
  •  Anti-anxiety
  •  Anti-depressant
  •  Anti-stress
  •  Cancer treatment
  •  Prevention of serious illness
  •  Anti-acne
  • Insomnia treatment 
  • Joint pain relief

These medically-sound reasons to use CBD have turned it into a highly profitable industry and one of the most exciting products in the wellness marketplace.

Only Specialists Can Prescribe CBD

If UK residents believe that CBD products will help them, they can’t go to their general healthcare practitioner, however. The new legislation dictates that only specialists can prescribe CBD. This is in hopes that the cannabis market will remain more strictly regulated.

This means that if you want CBD lotion to apply to your joints in treatment of arthritis pain, you must visit an orthopedic surgeon or a rheumatologist in order to get your prescription. Physicians must adhere to the guidelines set by the advisory board and ACMD when providing your medication. 

Physicians must adhere to the guidelines set by the advisory board and ACMD when providing your medication.

However, CBD products can be purchased by anyone online in the United Kingdom legally. CBD brands are allowed to sell their products, but only if they avoid any medical claims or assumptions. CBD brands are permitted to sell their CBD products, but only as a food/health supplement. If you’re looking to buy CBD oil in the UK, we suggest looking through the Top 7 CBD brands in the UK as revealed by HerbMighty.

Will Cannabis Become Recreationally Legal Soon? 

Some states within the United States and some provinces in Canada allow recreational use of cannabis-products, but it may be some time before the same occurs in the United Kingdom. There are still many informational barriers to knock down and many legislative minds to change. 

However, it’s likely to become legal within the next few decades. The truth about cannabis products and their effects on the body compared with the drug epidemic are becoming more and more clear with time and research. It won’t be long until the entire world is aware of its benefits in health and wellness.