Munich Cricket Club is kicking off Oktoberfest with a traditional keg tapping ceremony outside the venue on the 21 of September, but don’t panic if you can’t make it, they have five weeks of fun in store.

If you happen to own a pair of lederhosen or a dirndl (traditional German clothing) you should put them on before strutting down to the bierkeller as customers will be competing for best dressed titles and have the chance to win some amazing prizes.

The special Oktoberfest menu will be running throughout and contains some absolute classics. Their Oktoberfest burger, würstgoulash and club spätzle will have you feeling like you’ve just left London life and ended up in the heart of Bavaria.

Weiss biers, pilsners, dunkel’s and some extra special editions made for Oktoberfest are just some of the beverages you can experience during the festival. Pints, steins or boots (yes, boots) are all available, depending on what you prefer to down your cold beer from.

Now, imagine… you and your mates in lederhosen and dirndl dresses, drinking steins, eating sausages and dancing around to oompah music – Holy Schnitzel! If that doesn’t sound like the best night ever, I’m not sure what will.

Munich Cricket Club, 71 Victoria St, London SW1H 0HW, 21 September – 28 October, Monday to Saturday, 12.00 to 23.00.