What baffles me about London is that it’s almost impossible to get a decent takeaway after 11pm. In fact, it’s also pretty tough to get a late-night drink – but through sheer perseverance and a willingness to travel, you can end up in some bizarre places indeed!

London’s best-kept secret is the African Club – a small doorway in Dalston that leads to a small dingy club open all hours and plays great music. You can only gain entry if recommended by a dodgy minicab driver.

When I want to chill out, I go to Hackney City Farm.

The most interesting person I’ve met is Sergio Vitale – my partner. He tolerates my crap and brings sunshine to my life on a daily basis, and isn’t afraid to express himself on the dance floor!

My favourite place for a drink is The Night Jar and Lounge Lover (both Shoreditch) are great for cocktails.

For when you’re hungover in London you can’t beat people-watching and the best breakfast ever at The Ginger Pig Café on Hoxton Street. 

What gets me up in the morning Sometimes it’s an overwhelming urge to make pancakes with lemon and sugar, but most of the time it takes a huge effort to leave the comfort of my bed.

My perfect weekend would involve Saturday afternoon tea, then one of the Black Cotton Club parties at Volupte, dancing to vintage vinyl. Sunday morning, it’s all about going for a family swim followed by brunch in the Ginger Pig and then to mum’s for the world’s best Sunday roast.

During the Olympics I’m most looking forward to Everything! I’m gearing up for one big party – I hope I’m not disappointed. I was watching the qualifiers on TV the other day and I was almost inspired into going for a jog. But then I thought better of it and had another fag.

The last naughty thing I did was feed a vegan honey

Five words that sum up London … Best place in the world.


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