When I want to chill out I…‎dive into a movie. Preferably some form of escapism like a Marvel movie. This helps to bring the child out in you.
The most interesting person I’ve met in London is…The next interesting person I meet. I have a lot of time and patience, so I find all sorts of people interesting. 
My favourite place for a drink is… The Artesian bar at the Langham Hotel. It has one of the best bar teams in the world, some of the best cocktails, and they are happy to serve me a beer with a dash of grenadine in it. They also have a fare bit of rum too.
When you’re hungover in London you can’t beat…I don’t get hungover, but I’ve heard that an English breakfast or a large glass of rum does wonders.My favourite spot in London is…My home. As I travel a lot as part of my job, I enjoy coming back home to relax in my own bed and catch up on any programmes on my Sky plus box.
My perfect weekend would be…A nice hot sunny day, barbecue fired up in the garden, friends and family close by, rum punch flowing and my favourite football team winning on TV. 
What I love most about London is…Its diversity. It is a melting pot of cultures which, if you are willing to learn about them, is a great way to cure some ignorance.
Five words that sum up London are…Greatest city in the world.

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Image by Luoana Negut