What baffles me about London is the north and south circular and the sign-posting in general.

Being from Dorset, we have signs for everything – villages, towns, attractions – with a good indication of how far they are away.

In London I’d be lost without my sat nav as I have no sense of direction.

London’s best-kept secret is Battersea Park in Wandsworth.

When I want to chill out I enjoy taking an hour or two off and going out for dinner, but if I really want to relax, I go back home to Dorset.

That’s where I really chill and catch up on sleep because as a chef I’m always on the go and my brain never switches off.

The most interesting people I’ve met are black cab drivers.

They have so many weird and wonderful stories to tell and meet so many different people in their day-to-day lives.

My favourite place for a drink is The Ship pub in Wandsworth.

It always has super-friendly staff and the food is great, especially the pork belly.

For when you’re hungover in London you can’t beat a long walk along the river, followed by a Sunday roast in a cosy pub.

What gets me up in the morning is my alarm clock repeatedly going off, as it’s really hard to get up if I finished work only a few hours before.

My perfect weekend would be a Saturday lie-in, although this never happens as I am always up early for my Northcote Road Market stall.

Then a mooch round the shops, catching up with friends for food and drinks and an epic Sunday Roast, too.

Then an afternoon nap.

The last naughty thing I did was getting very hot headed and using some choice language when a van cut me up.

Unfortunately, I was on my hands-free to a friend at the time and had to apologise as she heard absolutely everything down the phone. So did the old man opposite me stuck in the traffic who shouted: ”Don’t worry love, but get used to it.”

Five words that sum up London … Exciting, exceptional food,
charismatic people.

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