What baffles me about London is the fact there can be houses worth millions in really rundown areas – most cities in the world have very separate districts.

London’s best-kept secret is the skyline. Especially at dusk in the city, the silhouettes of the rooftops are beautiful. Mary Poppins was my favourite film as a child – there’s a whole world of magic waiting to be explored up there.

When I want to chill out I head to the Embankment. I grew up in Cornwall, so surfing was a big part of my life and just hearing the water lapping on to the river bank really relaxes me.

The most interesting person I’ve met was an awesome cab driver who tracked me down when I left my phone in his cab. I met Amy Winehouse a few times – she lived round the corner. Everyone from school teachers to prostitutes have all got stories to tell.

My favourite place for a drink is the Crown and Goose in Camden, it’s by far the best bar in London. My brother Alex and I hatch all our band plans there.

For when you’re hungover in London head to the swimming ponds in Hampstead. As soon as you’ve gone under the water, the hangover is gone. It’s like the drinker’s baptism – washes away all the sins of the previous night!

What gets me up in the morning? My fiancée’s hair dryer! It’s got a special loud setting to wake up musicians!

My perfect weekend would go like this: Friday, do my rooftops thing, meet my fiancee in the West End for some food, then watch a band and cab it to Camden for last drinks at The Goose. Saturday, go to the pond, Camden market, and write music all day on Sunday.

The last naughty thing I did was before they got rid of the bendy buses, I got the number 29 without any money on my Oyster, the bus inspector got on board with a policeman, busted me, but as I was being dragged off, a girl punched the inspector and they dragged her off instead! The bus driver kept on driving and I was still on board!


The Sea play The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town,  May 11. Album Rooftops is out now through Lusty Records.