What baffles me about London is the cost of travel. I remember when you could travel on the bus for 40p, now it’s over £2 even just for one stop.

London’s best-kept secret is that Londoners secretly like the crap weather.  

When I want to chill out I go to Richmond Park – it’s a good place to detach yourself from the daily grind and it feels amazingly peaceful.

The most interesting person I’ve met in London is [radio presenter] David Rodigan MBE.

The man is a living legend and epitomises what we’re trying to do with our career.

He’s 60-plus years old and doesn’t look like slowing down or letting any of the young pretenders take his spot!

For when you’re hungover in London you can’t beat the 20p ice pops from the local sweet shop!

Go in with a couple of pounds and proceed to dig around for the best flavours.

My personal preference is bubblegum and cola, if anyone is feeling flush and wants to buy me a present.

What gets you up in the morning? My curse is that I come up with some of my best ideas and business moves late at night, so by the time the morning comes my brain is like,

“Dude, come on, time to get up and chase the dream.”

My perfect weekend would start off with a bit of Formula 1 on TV followed by a couple of drinks with friends and family in the sun. Lunch at somewhere like Mark Hix’s Tramshed in east London, then maybe if there’s time a quick stop off to pick up a new pair of trainers/sneakers/creps.

Then onto the club to show them off whilst rocking a crowd from the DJ booth.

The last naughty thing I did was earlier in the year when we were performing at a well-known festival.

This might be naughty or a stroke of genius, but when it came time to take down the tent and trek to the car, we thought it would be best to disregard what the stewards were saying and drive our car straight through the campsite, pack up without breaking a sweat, then drive off smugly to the sounds of the opera on BBC Radio 3.

Five words that sum up London … fast, eventful, nostalgic, opportunistic, multicultural.

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