What’s London’s best-kept secret?

Bermondsey Street!

Where do you go to chill out?

Wandsworth. I have a few friends in the area and the pubs are very laid-back.

What baffles you about London?

That there are lots of people here that don’t want to be here. The people that only come for work and don’t take advantage of the constant buzz of excitement the city has to offer. If you’re sick of London, you’re sick of life.

Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met in London and why?

Very difficult to say, however, someone who has been an inspiration to me is my ex-employer Theo Randall – he has such a passion for what he does and I strive to keep that same amount of passion in my restaurant.

Where’s your favourite place for a drink?

For cocktails, Callooh Callay in Shoreditch – amazing cocktails in a bohemian atmosphere that never ceases to amaze me. For a simple beer, I’m very loyal to my local, Woolpack.

What can’t you beat in London when you’ve got a hangover?

Another drink. No, but really, you can’t beat a spicy bloody mary from the Riding House Café.

What gets you up in the morning?

The thought that my restaurant might be on fire or something ridiculous… (it never actually is, knock on wood!)

What’s your perfect weekend?

Friday night: dinner and cocktails with friends. Saturday: a nice lie-in, then grabbing a bite to eat from Borough Market and heading to watch a live game of football, preferably Arsenal. Saturday night: a bit of a dance party. Sunday: lazy lunch and a film.

What was the last naughty thing you did?

Flirted with customers to increase business! Ha!

Five words that sum up London

Vibrant. Contradictory. Layered. Surprising. Home.