Having to sit through the third film in the big screen Chipmunks series, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, seems painful enough but for 96 cinema-goers in Chicago their experience of the family-friendly film was made all the more harrowing when the movie was interupted by a 34-year old man who decided to lose all of his clothes and parade around in the buff.

Edward Brown stripped naked at the front of the cinema and turned towards the audience, displaying his very own ‘chipmunk’ to the seated moviegoers, which included many children.

The film’s audience was quickly ushered out of the cinema, the police were called and Mr Brown was promptly arrested for sexual exploitation of a child and misdemeanour conduct. The reason for his ill-advised exploits? He said that a woman had promised him drugs and sex if he sat in the front row of the cinema and got naked.

The news comes hot on the heels of a similarly-themed incident in Sutton in which a prank landed a nude shopper a fixed £80 fine. Customers at a Tesco store in Sutton bore witness to a man who walked in with shoes on and a scarf around his head, but nothing else, well nothing except for a handful of friends laughing and filming his nude-walk on their phones.

The ‘Tesco-terror’ then did the same thing at around the same time the next day and, what with the in-store cameras and the fact that we live in the most CCTV-d country in Europe, was promptly arrested as well.