A naked woman who got trapped on a cliff after trying to reach a nudist beach further down was rescued by lifeguards yesterday.

The 27-year-old woman got stuck on a ledge after trying to climb 450ft down to Black’s Beach, in San Diego. Naked.

The woman had reportedly shed her clothes and thrown them down to the beach below before starting her perilous climb.

After getting stuck on a precarious ledge the woman was spotted by a passer-by who took pity on her naked butt and called 911.

A female lifeguard was lowered down to the woman with some spare clothes – the two were then winched to the beach below.

The woman suffered only minor injuries – scraped knees and the embarassment of getting caught on TV in the buff, natch.

“She got into a spot where she really couldn’t go up, down or sideways. So that’s a little bit unusual. Beyond that, everything else was just a classic cliff rescue,” Lieutenant Greg Buchanan told NBC. Which is very gentlemanly of him!

Buchanan also said the woman would not be charged, but had received a ticket for ignoring signs warning about the dangerous cliffs and for entering a restricted area.