These yoga holidays, run by Formentera Yoga, aim to get you feeling more body confident and less hung up about nudity. Or something like that.

The website advertising the naked breaks says: ‘Practising yoga naked, in addition to feeling wonderful and liberating, also allows our skin to breathe freely, allowing for a more complete flow of energy.’ 

However, if you’re thinking this is just a way to perv of your fellow yoga buddies, think again. ‘All clients are interviewed beforehand to ensure their intentions are clear, ‘ Formentera Yoga warn. ‘Also, to be clear, this is not just yoga for naturists.’ Glad they’ve cleared that up.

Confusingly, the group then state that ‘there is no pressure to be naked, and you can practice yoga in a small sarong, bikini or with clothing. It is completely optional.’

Might be best to take that sarong with you and strip off when everyone else does – might be pretty awkward if you’re the only one in the buff!

Image credit: Thinkstock