The afternoon looms and the evening comes, and boom! Just like that, it’s time for bed and you’ve got a case of the Sunday scaries. What are Sunday scaries you ask? They are just that. The scary feelings that infiltrate our psyches on Sunday evenings, just as we’re readying ourselves for another workweek. Whether you work in an office or otherwise, most people do get the Sunday evening blues, either occasionally or every single week without fail.

What are some natural remedies that you can incorporate into your routine?

1. As with most of life’s problems, take a walk. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise, it’s something most of us do on the regular to move about the world, and it keeps our bodies in tip top shape for the long term.

2. Drink water. Most of us are dehydrated, especially after a fun weekend. Drinking water, like walking, is one of the simplest and healthiest actions we can do for ourselves, for the short-term and long-term benefits of our bodies and lives.

3. Medidate. It’s so much more than a buzzword, and so much more than sitting in the quiet. It’s hard at first, then creates this harmonious zen like state in your mind and life, that enables you clarity and ease.

4. CBD oil. It’s all the rage now, especially as governing bodies pass laws to legalize and enable regulation into the mainstream. It’s proven by many to help with managing anxiety, pain and other inflammatory issues. While it’s not regulated like medication, and has the availability in many places now like most supplements, CBD oil has become a staple for many in their health routines.