It’s certainly not for everyone, but freelancing has become more than just something you do on the side for a bit of extra cash. Many professionals turn it in a lucrative and fulfilling career. Despite the difficulties in it, there are more than two-million people working as freelancers in the UK, and that number continues to rise.

The first step into any new working style is always the hardest, which is partly why so many people have considered going freelance but aren’t sure exactly what they would do in the world of working for yourself. So, we’re going to look at a few freelance careers you might not have considered for yourself. 

Specialist writer

Writing is difficult skill, but that just means that companies will pay good money for someone who can do it properly. You might read the crisp copy on your favourite news sites, or the comedic barbs on your most-frequented blogs and think that you could never match them, but don’t be discouraged. 

One of the most surefire ways to get paid for your copywriting skills is to develop yourself as a specialist writer. Do you have a fascination with the intricate workings of electric cars? Well, there are dozens of companies that could use you as a wordsmith. Maybe you’ve got some experience working in the legal field but want to use your creative side to make money? There are plenty of legal journals and publications who need decent writers but can’t afford a lawyer’s hourly rates.

Take what you know and practice writing about it. Before long you can easily turn it into a freelance career. 

Forex trader

It may seem daunting, and the word ‘trader’ might conjure up images of sweaty men in suits shouting down phones, but the internet has opened up trading to almost anyone who wants to try their hand at it. One of the best trading styles to look in to as a freelance career is foreign exchange, or ‘forex’. Forex trading is essentially betting on countries’ economies, and then making money as their currencies either increase or decrease in value compared to other currencies. 

It makes for a great freelance career as you can spend a much or a little time trading as you like, plus there are several tools online that can help you get to grips in the basics of forex trading. The DailyFX forex trading tool is a good place to start, as it can teach you about certain patterns that appear in the forex charts the most, allowing you to get a head start in your forex trading career.

Social media consultant

It’s no secret that social media is a big business these days. Stars with millions of followers on Instagram can charge thousands of pounds for a single post endorsing a product, while on a corporate level social media has become one of the best tools to reach new customers and retain existing ones.

Becoming a freelance social media consultant is a great option for anyone who already has a big social media presence. If you’re the type of person who is always ready with a witty tweet or knowns how to get ever increasing Instagram likes, then it won’t be too hard for you to turn it into a profession. Small businesses in particular are often on the lookout for freelancers who can come in and set up a social media strategy for them, before stepping back and letting the work continue in-house.

Event planner

Event planning is ideal for freelancers as it requires someone who is willing to work unusual hours and is extremely well organized, which is something all freelancers should be! Many people will opt for a freelance event planner to organize their birthday/wedding/work event as freelancers can offer a far more personalised service than a large events company. 

The trick to finding success as a freelancer event planner is to win more business from recommendations. All you need is one happy customer, who will then suggest you to their friends, who will then suggest you to their friends, and so on until you’ve developed a large client base and built an excellent reputation for yourself. Just make sure you bring your A-game to every new event you work on!