The world’s top natural wonders should be on your list of places to see before you die.

Here are our top five. Do it – book one now!

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Visitors to the world’s highest waterfall have to take a small plane through dense forest to reach Canaima National Park. From the landing strip, the adventurous can reach the 979m high waterfall by dugout canoe and then trudging through the jungle.   
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Amazon Rainforest

Amazon rainforest, Brazil

Explore the depths of the Amazon Rainforest to appreciate South America’s vast jungle, alive with a huge variety of wildlife, from caiman alligators to pink river dolphins and everything in between, including tarantulas. View wildlife by boat and camp out on the riverbank.
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Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, US

You can hike down to the canyon floor or peer at it from a helicopter, but you’ll be spellbound by its dimensions: 1.6km deep and 446km long.
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Victoria Falls

Victoria falls, Zimbabwe/ Zambia

The mighty waterfall is summed up by its indigenous name, “smoke that thunders”. Take a helicopter ride for a great view.
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Northern Lights

Northern lights

Aurora borealis, the dazzling multi-coloured light displays, can be spotted in the night sky during the winter months in Scandinavia, Alaska and northern Canada.
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