Although some zoologists claim the Nazi connection is a myth, and that the spread began when a bomb hit a fur farm during the war allowing a group of them to escape, the mischievous mammals released in 1934 have spread to an estimated 1 million creatures, which gone on to invade homes over the years.

The recent cold weather has led to raccoons reportedly breaking into houses looking for shelter and food and chewing up soft furnishings. The Metro reported that a couple in Spessart, central Germany found a cheeky raccoon gang had eaten all the food from their cupboards after sneaking down the chimney.

Nearly 68,000 raccoons were shot during hunting season in 2011 in Germany according to the LA Times. The invasion has even struck the cities, with Berlin residents finding their bins overturned by the intelligent animals who aren’t afraid to travel – one raccoon monitored by scientists travelled over 100 miles.