Alcoholic drinks will soon be available in smaller measures in British pub, the government has announced and Brits could be forced to order Aussie-style “schooners” instead of the traditional pint.

Science Minister David Willetts explained why the government now will allow pubs to sell smaller quantities of booze.

“We have listened to consumers and businesses. They have called for fixed quantities to be kept but with greater flexibility. That is what this change will deliver.”

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He also suggested that the pubs would benefit from the changes.

“We are freeing business so they can innovate and create new products to meet the demands of their customers.”

Current rules states that draught beer must be sold in pints (568ml), halves (284ml) or a third (189 ml), with wines being sold in glasses of 250ml, 175ml or 125ml.

But soon new measurements like a splash, pony, jigger and schooner will be part of the pub lingo.

Pint-lovers need not to worry, however, as the normal-sized pint glasses still will be available as usual.

But while British residents are getting accustomed to the Australian term ‘schooner’ (two-thirds of a pint), news from Down Under show that Australians in fact are drinking less and less of the golden stuff.

Foster Group Ltd, the biggest brewer in Australia, can expect a fall in profits for the last six months compared to the same time period last year, Australian Citigroup announced yesterday.