The app is free to download from the Apple and Google app stores.

Combining fun, real-world exploration and a wicked sense of humour, Story City allows locals and tourists to undertake an adventure through the streets of Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, using only their smartphones.

What better way to see and learn about a location than to be thrown back through time, or to find yourself on a quest to save the city from destruction?

This is choose-your-own-adventure storytelling re-imagined for the digital age. The choices that participants make take them on a unique path through the city, as well as through the story. Will you be victorious? Or will your choices lead you to a sticky end?

Currently Story City offers 14 different adventures across Adelaide, Brisbane and Gold Coast, each created by local writers, musicians, illustrators and voice actors.

In February 2016, Story City will be releasing its newest story, The Treasure of Light, in Adelaide in time for Australia’s biggest cultural festival, The Adelaide Fringe.