The buzz so far This Nebraska trio – Derek Pressnall (guitar/vocals), Sarah Bohling (vocals), Nik Fackler (guitars) – formed in 2011 on the Omaha art scene, driven by a desire to fuse clubland’s euphoria and electronic rhythms with pop’s immediacy and rock’s muscle. T

he result, as heard on the forthcoming UK release of their self-titled debut, produced by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, and its lead single Heat Lightning, will make them sure-fire winners on first listen. Calls to mind Eighties Depeche Mode and Nineties New Order, so they’ll be a big hit with the revivalists.  

The Critics say “A darkly stylish debut” David Marchese, Spin

The plug Icky Blossoms is out June 3 through Saddle Creek Records