The perfect pet for any aspiring punk, this unusual looking creature also had a large beak with ‘vampire bat’ teeth. Its Latin name translates as ‘thick jaw from Africa’. 

A scientist from the University of Chicago believes Pegomastax was one of the first plant-eating dinosaurs. It was first discovered inside 200 million-year-old rocks in South Africa.

A recreation of the dinosaur’s head was modelled by the Tyler Keillor of the University, who told Scientific American “At first, I didn’t think the model would be all that visually interesting. But by the time one combines a beak, tusks, cheeks, quills, and scales, it ends up being quite a frightful little beast!”

Though such fangs and tusks are unusual for a herbivore, it may have used them in self defence against other creatures. “Pegomastax and kin were the most advanced plant-eaters of their day,” Professor Paul Sereno told Discovery News.

Image: YouTube/University of Chicago