Patricia Krentcil, 44 – herself notably tanned – has pleaded not guilty to the charge of child endangerment, insisting that the accusation is “all made up”.

It is illegal for anyone under 14 to use a tanning salon in New Jersey.

Krentcil’s fair-skinned, red-haired daughter’s kindergarten teacher called authorities after she noticed painful burns on the girl at school.

The Jersey mother insists that her daughter was burned while outside playing in the garden. While Krentcil admitted she had taken her daughter to the tanning salon, she insisted that the girl never entered the booth and merely waited for her mother to finish her session.

Krentcil told The Today Show on US TV: “I’m not going to bring my little daughter into a 90 degree bed, I mean, that’s not normal.”

We’re not sure your tan is too normal either, love.

Picture: YouTube