London Zoo has unveiled its new penguin pool which has a beach and pool.

The 13,000 sq ft pool which holds 100,000 gallons of water, will be the largest of its kind in England, is now home to 66 Humbolt, macaroni, black-footed and rock-hopper penguins, all species which are at risk in the wild.

The pool also has a hand-rearing unit with its own paddling pool for baby penguins. Two four-week-old chicks have already moved in.

Visitors can view the penguins via underwater viewing areas. The pool has been created to resemble the penguins’ southern hemisphere habitats.

The Zoological Society of London’s penguin expert Tom Hart said of Penguin Beach: ‘It’s much bigger and deeper. Ones that like the beach or rocky shores have got their habitats. They look really happy.’

The zoo’s original penguin pool was built in 1934, but it was closed eight years ago with penguins being moved to a smaller but more natural enclosure.