According to’s Annual Food Spend Study, we’re definitely a nation of fast food addicts.

Despite successfully reducing their yearly food bill by an average of 9%, a typical Brit still splurges £109 per month on convenience meals – just £12 a year less than in 2013.

The average person now makes their way through 84 fast food meals over the course of a year, and packs in a further 64 ready meals – totting up a bill of £1,304 over 12 months.

One in four  Brits cite laziness as the main reason for their takeaway habit, and a further 13% claim they simply do not have time to cook from scratch.

The Brits’ Top Takeaway list remains the same for the first time this year, with Chinese food pipping Indian takeaway and fish and chips to the number one spot. Pizza came fourth, and fried chicken came fifth.

Coventry takes the crown as the takeaway capital of the UK – with each person spending £2,456.31 on average and eating 156 of them each year. Swansea’s residents spend the least, at just £677.85 every year.

Unsurprisingly, younger Brits are spending more on takeaways and eating out – with 25-34s forking out £2,112 on them each year. That’s twice as much as those aged 45-54, and almost double the national average.

Still thinking about getting that kebab for dinner? We’d urge you to think again…

Image credit: Thinkstock