Well, maybe not quite, but who knows?

Get yourselves down to a restaurant called The Clink, located at the former Brixton nick governor’s house, and you’ll find that its staff are prison inmates working to get their City and Guilds kitchen and front of house qualifications. And they’re serving up more than the watery oats from which doing a stretch got its nickname (sorry).

Diners will be eating fine-dining style food prepared and served by prisoners in the former governor’s house at HMP Brixton.

Like other jails, HMP High Down and HMP Cardiff, it’s run by The Clink Charity, which aims to reduce reoffending.

So, what’s on the menu? For around £20 you can get three courses including some cheek handed out by the staff (that’s beef cheek in red wine with cepe, of course) and lemon tart, ginger and blackcurrant coulis with a file (sorry, that was meant to be tuile).

Image credit: Thinkstock